We should congratulate and commend all those BJP workers including some Senior party leaders who were outraged at the dynasty politics in Mapusa and are now silently working to ensure the thumping victory of the Congress candidate Sudhir Kandolkar, who has an outstanding record of many years of community service.

Like in Mapusa we need to strongly oppose the utterly raw novice Utpal Parrikar who is also trying to sneak in while the BJP is shamelessly promoting family Raj in Panaji.

Panaji has suffered for over two decades due to Manohar Parrikar’s sheer neglect of the capital city which has been rotting and sinking. We cannot further experiment on ‘political apprentices’ like Utpal who may take years to learn the fundamentals of politics and legislating good laws. As a result, he will be manipulated like a puppet on a string to blindly carry on his late father’s failed and discredited policies leading to further corruption and stagnation, chaos and neglect to our great city of Panaji.

Those with no community service should be consigned to the racks. We need knowledgeable persons with a good track record in public life to be our elected representatives. BJP needs to Walk the Talk and look beyond the Parivar.

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