With X’mas 2018 and the New Year just round the corner, many Senior Government officers and some Politicians have reportedly lined up their visiting family and friends to have a ball in Goa, the land of Feni, Frolic and Fish (now Formalin laced).

Such criminal burden on the Tax payers is unacceptable. Let those officials and politicians make Merry with their visiting guests but it has to be strictly at their very own expense.

Whether it’s asking the Casinos to provide free entertainment or complimentary rooms in hotels or having sponsored Taxis to ferry their guests, all this is absolutely unacceptable and has to be vehemently exposed.

Over this festive season let us be very vigilant to ensure that all this planned Merry making is not allowed at Public expense.

Such extravaganza cannot directly or even remotely indirectly be at the cost of Goa’s State exchequer which is already in utter dire straits.

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