Despite the complaint that was filed against me in 2016 being entirely false and fabricated, out of abandon caution I decided to move the Court for Anticipatory bail as nobody can trust the Crime Branch which has today been reduced to being caged parrots of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to silence voices of dissent. It has become a tool that Manohar Parrikar has been blatantly misusing to unleash revenge and vendetta against his opponents.

Ironically very identical complaints like the one filed against me were closed by the very same Crime Branch while submitting to the Court that the Police or the State Government cannot look into the issue of Citizenship and that the issue has to be decided by the Competent Authority appointed by the Central government. This being the view taken by our High Court.

I have been a native of Ribandar ever since my birth on 24th May 1960. I have and will always be a Citizen of India. I have not applied for citizenship of Portugal. Infact having been born before the Liberation of Goa, I was automatically born a Portuguese and did not require even registering of my birth in Portugal.

Since 2012 Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has in vain tried every possible avenue to harass and settle scores with me, But it was the very same Manohar Parrikar who as Chief Minister in 2001 had through a government order appointed me as the Vice- Chairman of the NRI Facilitation Centre, a post which I declined to accept as I was fighting various issues against the Government.

Now Manohar Parrikar has been pressurizing the Goa Passport Office not to issue me a Passport. My application for a passport is pending since 18th February 2016 with no reason given despite the Superintendent of  the Special Branch of Goa Police Priyanka Kashyap having by a letter on 18th May 2016 recommended to the Goa Passport Officer that I  be issued a Passport.

I stand committed to legally battle this undue harassment by the Goa Government to the very Highest Court of the country. I have always been a Fighter and a Fighter I shall remain till my last breath. It’s only the welfare of Goa and Goans that matters to me.

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