Today on this very auspicious day as we pay homage to our very adored Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the Father of our Indian Constitution on his 63rd Death Anniversary, we need to be reminded that he must never have visualized that thick skinned persons with never ending greed for Power and Wealth would ever be occupying very high Constitutional posts.

Politics today is no longer a mission, not even an honest profession. It has been abridged to a scoundrel’s last resort. It has become a ruthless business, with morals and ethics twisted, thrown to the winds, and long buried deep in the slush of ignorance and thuggery. Those belonging to a genre of politicians with qualities of head and heart cannot survive in today’s political pitch.

We can only remind those in Power of those words of Joel Osteen “You can live your life angry, bitter, mad at somebody or even guilty, not letting go of your own mistakes, but you won’t receive the good things God has in store”.

And when will our Politicians be inspired by what the great American writer Alfred Armand Montapert had to say “The main source of our wealth is goodness. The affections and the generous qualities that God admires in a world full of greed”

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