Since the Liberation of Goa in 1961 we have seen 31 Governors. A few so very outstanding, others reasonably average and the rest not so good. But no one as awful as the current absolutely good for nothing Mridula Sinha.

The State paying so exorbitantly for the upkeep of the present utterly useless Governor and her entourage is an utter criminal waste of public funds.

Interestingly Mridula Sinha uses the prefix Dr. to her name. Is it legitimate for her to use this prefix? Could we please be enlightened when and where she was awarded that Doctorate? Or will it be claimed that like Narendra Modi’s degree records from Delhi University, these have also vanished?  No wonder the Goa Raj Bhavan is the only Raj Bhavan in the country adamantly refusing to come under the purview of the RTI Act.

Mridula Sinha needs to apologize to the people of Goa for faking in this so dishonorable manner that holds a Dr, if she cannot justify that title.

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