Under a veil of total secrecy with the area cordoned, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on a stretcher was this afternoon swiftly taken to the Goa Medical College to undergo a CT Scan.

Amidst all that tight security he was slipped in through the back entrance of the Radiology department facing the morgue and in 30 minutes was whisked away after that scan. The Chief Minister’s office today once again lied in falsely stating that Manohar Parrikar had gone for a regular check up.

When poor patients of Goa are denied basic medical care and have to queue up all night to be seen by a doctor in the morning, how is Manohar Parrikar merrily enjoying such extraordinary and unprecedented medical care, all at the tax payer’s expense with now even an ICU installed at his private residence in Dona Paula while a fleet of doctors and medical staff are on vigil round the clock.

If only these doctors had cared to instead attend to all those poor very ailing patients lined up all night outside the OPD at the Goa Medical College, the Almighty God would have blessed those Doctors so abundantly.

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