Despite the Bombay High Court having ruled that good roads is a fundamental right of every citizen, the roads across Goa are in a very appalling state. Potholes and craters are galore. Some roads which were hot-mixed just before the monsoons have been washed away. What a criminal waste of public funds.

Very sadly in many parts of Goa, you have to navigate down a lot of awful roads to find a motorable one.

Lack of funds cannot be an excuse as this government has been merrily squandering public funds on unnecessary and needless extravaganza.

The crores being drained from the State exchequer on the medical treatment of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his ailing Ministers can wait and can’t be a priority, as the Government cannot allow the public to be at the mercy of accident prone roads. The welfare and well-being of Goa comes First.

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