The wide spread global indignation of former Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane and that very severe fury against him comes as no surprise. His very humiliating words against Goans working abroad while addressing the Goa Legislative Assembly on Friday 3rd August has rightly infuriated Goans across the world besides their families and friends in Goa. It was indeed a very Black Friday for every Goan with Pratapisngh Rane having had that audacity to belittle and mock the Goans who are working hard to earn a living abroad.

These Goans had made the choice to leave their homeland to seek betterment abroad as they did not find opportunities presented locally by the very people they had elected to lead them. These leaders were too busy living a lifestyle funded in a large part by looting those very people they now dare to mock. So easy to say “I’m all right Jack!” Shame on Mr. Pratapsingh Rane!

Being Chief Minister of Goa from 1979 to 1990 and again from 2005 to 2007 perhaps Mr. Rane would like to enumerate how he helped these people?

In the public domain: Wikipedia states:

He has also been accused by businessman Bhalchandra Naik for demanding Rs 10 Crore for being granted Environmental clearance for a mine, of which Rs 6 Crore had been paid to his son Vishwajit Rane, MLA from Valpoi.

It’s time for Pratapsingh Rane to hang his boots, now that he publicly has gravely offended Goa and Goans. The only way Forward for Pratapsingh Rane who will soon turn 80 is to forthwith gracefully resign or face the wrath of Goans at the very fag end of his life.

Pratapsingh Rane, with his son on the bandwagon, has lived at tax payers’ expense a King’s life for 46 long years as MLA while holding positions as Minister, Chief Minister, Speaker and Leader of Opposition. He should not wait to be flushed with a plunger down Goa’s now stinking political drain. Once a Hero Pratapsingh Rane has proved to be a grand Zero.

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