Goa’s very down to earth and noted Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo whom I have personally known for decades has been a prolific and very outspoken in all that he writes and speaks.

It is disturbing that there is reportedly a threat to the life of this very humble Soul. Damodar Mauzo would be better advised not to depend on the police security given to him by the BJP government as the saffron brigade is solely responsible for the growing intimidation and intolerance across the country ever since Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014.

We are battling through very dark and turbulent times with the so-called world’s largest democracy now in deep peril. Unless these hooligans are tracked down, it would only further embolden them to stifle the voices of dissent.  Nobody should be allowed to suppress our right to express the thoughts we have.

While we rally behind our great Goan Damodar Mauzo, let us remain committed to this struggle for ensuring that our great country regains its democratic and secular fabric.

We should always be guided by those words of the great French intellectual Voltaire “I do not agree with you. But I shall give up my life for your right to say what you wish”

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