After all that flooding and chaos that Goa’s capital city witnessed this week, do we need any further evidence that the RSS indoctrinated Manohar Parrikar has only fooled the people of Goa and the voters of Panaji in particular.

The Panaji Constituency which includes Ribandar sadly remains a decaying and sinking city despite Manohar Parrikar having been its MLA for over two long decades, thrice the Chief Minister and even being the Defence Minister of the country. With all the power at his hands, Manohar Parrikar could do nothing for our State and his Panaji constituency. Couldn’t even clean up the city’s stinking St Inez and Rua de Ourem creeks.

Manohar Parrikar has allowed Panaji and Goa to plummet while he has minted a fortune for his family to merrily feast on for generations. Less said the better on how his partners in Crime like Siddharth Kunkolienkar have risen from Rags to Riches raking the moolah galore and now even not sparing that foul Panaji Smart City Mission to further line up their overflowing pockets.

Manohar has only mastered the art of making fake promises and narrating fairy tales. But he now stands exposed and will go down in history as Goa’s most ever corrupt, communal, casteist and vindictive Chief Minister.

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