In something unprecedented and totally unacceptable for over three long months Goa is without a Chief Minister and the Panaji constituency which includes Ribandar is without an MLA. BJP’s political bankruptcy stands exposed.

All this due to the sheer arrogance and highhandedness of Manohar Parrikar who has very selfishly not cared to follow the laid down protocol wherein a Chief Minister hands over the reins to the second most senior Minister even when he leaves the country  for a few days on a holiday.

The veil of secrecy over Manohar Parrikar’s state of health is uncalled for. We last saw him on 5th March when he departed from Goa. There are conflicting reports on his health condition with the BJP claiming that he is recovering well and even goes for his moning walks. If this be so, why not clear the air by having Manohar Parrikar address the people of Goa through video.  Infact before leaving Goa on 5th March Manohar Parrikar had assured that the cabinet meetings would be held through video-conferencing but there has been none.

People of Goa are entitled to know the factual health condition of the Chief Minister more so as his medical expenses which will total up to crores is being coughed up by the Taxpayers.

And is the now incapacitated Manohar Parrikar clinging to the Chief Minister’s Chair only to ensure that the State pays those huge medical expenses. Who cares for Goa!


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