For any prudent person, joining the now disgraced and dubious Vijai Sardesai led Goa Forward Party it would be a political suicide. Waiting to mount on the third Mandovi Bridge would be a far better option. Only scoundrels and rogues who have skeletons to hide and need protection will join the birds of the same feather.

And why this sudden Love for Dr Jack Sequeira by the Goa Forward bandits?

Not a word on the serious and the deadly Coal issue, Nationalization of Rivers and the Mhadei imbroglio.

Very deafening is the silence by the Goa Forward over the U turn of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on the Mhadei issue after cores of rupees having been squandered by the State on legal fees paid to Atmaram Nadkarni and his entourage on this Water dispute. How have we reached such a shameful and pathetic situation?

A statue of Jack Sequeira in the Assembly complex will not reduce the Coal pollution, the current endemic corruption, lawlessness and neither will it resolve various issues including Mhadei which are a colossal threat to Goa.

We needed to first build a Goa that the late Dr Jack Sequeira would have wanted. But Goa has missed the bus and landed in the dumps with the Goa Forward now accelerating the last rites of our State which was once the Paradise of the East.


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