Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement that he is ready to give Karnataka ‘drinking’ water is the biggest joke of 2017.

At the most the government could part with water as a policy, but by no stretch of imagination it can be for ‘drinking’ water, unless he sets up a special pipeline from Opa water works that will flow right into Karnataka. Unless our not so-called genius IITian Manohar Parrikar innovates some new technology that the world has never seen. Or, alternately, he signs a MoU with Bisleri to supply drinking water to those villages and make Goa foot the bill.

And on Manohar Parrikar’s humanitarian offer of the so called drinking water, how do we ascertain and monitor that the water will infact be for drinking and not for any other purpose. All said and done is Manohar Parrikar blind to the reality that Goa itself is already parched? Charity begins at home, Mr. Chief Minister.


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