Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar now stands totally exposed on the Mhadei water dispute drama. After the Goa Government having squandered crores of rupees by way of legal fees paid to Atmaram Nadkarni and his bandwagon of advocates, it was very high-handed on the part of the Chief Minister for having caved in on BJP’s political pressure without even taking the people of Goa into confidence. All this after his fake vow to always stand by Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn. And the Chief Minister breached the protocol by not communicating with his Karnataka counterpart and instead choosing to write that distasteful politically tainted letter to Karnataka BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa.

And to cover his misdeeds Manohar Parrikar is now using sidekick Atmaram Nadkarni as a cobbler to stitch his devious politriks on Madhei with Atmaram Nadkarni having gone public to the extent of virtually brandishing environmentalists Dr Claude Alvares, Rajendra Kerkar, Nirmala Sawant, Dr Nandkumar Kamat and others as ‘spent forces’

So with all those crores poured down the drain on this water dispute it has been a criminal and unjustifiable waste of public funds which has only been a windfall for Atmaram Nadkarni and his clan of advocates who are making hay while milking and drying the State coffers which are already in dire straits.

Atmaram Nadkarni is on record claiming that he is appearing in the Madhei matter because of his love for Goa. If that be so, the flamboyant former Advocate General of Goa should have volunteered his services gratis instead of over exorbitantly billing the State and merrily bleeding the exchequer.

And where are those cowboys of the Goa Forward? Can they still justify aligning with the BJP – which is harming and destroying what remains of our once glorious State.



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