Tomorrow November 23rd will be another very dark day for Goa while the Town & Country Planning Board will officially empower the devious Town & Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai to accelerate the doom and destruction of what remains of Goa.

The Board will surely approve the creation of more politically motivated PDAs and will give a green signal to initiate the process for change of land use to the betterment of the land sharks. Hills and fields of once scenic Goa will soon have more and abundant concrete jungles.

The 24 member Town and Country Planning Board headed by Vijai Sardesai includes his henchman and Treasurer of the Goa Forward Party Suraj Lotlikar who like Vijai Sardesai is a very integral part of the Land mafia.

23rd November will mark the initiation of more Fot, Foting and Fotingponn under that guise of Goem Goenkar and Goenkarponn. Amen.

Let us hope that St Francis Xavier intercedes to Save Goa from these Goa Forward political goons.


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