The BJP has time and again humiliated the Mapusa MLA Francis D’Souza. Over the years he has been openly misused by the saffron brigade and consistently politically undermined, despite his unflinching loyalty to the party. Now, he has been rewarded with unwanted crumbs and left overs.

On account of his loyalty to the BJP, Francis D’ Souza had to even endure flak and wrath of the Church after claiming to be a Christian Hindu.

Being the Deputy Chief Minister he should have been the obvious choice to Chief Ministership in November 2014, when Manohar Parrikar was moving to Delhi. And in March this year, to rub salt into his wounds, Francis D’Souza was relegated to number 4 in the cabinet with, with the innocuous Urban Development portfolio.

The conduct of the BJP towards the altar boys only shows that they value them no more than toilet paper. Less said the better on how in October 2000 then BJP coalition Chief Minister Francisco Sardinha was dispatched on a voyage to see the Kangaroos in Australia and was here very unceremoniously and deviously unsaddled from the throne.

More recently after having vowed to carry on Matanhy Saldanha’s legacy, the BJP has reneged on everything he stood for. Even Alina Saldanha, despite being the lone lady MLA, was craftily kept out of the cabinet. The BJP’s deceitful agenda is now in the open and there for all to see.


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