It was a very providential escape for those seven minor girls, four of whom are from Ribandar, who went straying on that unauthorized trekking expedition into the deep forest of the Mhadei Wildlide Sanctuary. Highly irresponsible was the conduct of Melany Pinto who very carelessly misled these young girls into that thick forest which is infested with wild animals and thus endangered the lives of these minor girls while they remained vulnerable in that forest all night.

Melany Pinto who is attached to a religious order “Heralds of the Gospel” earlier used to assist the Parish Priest of Caranzalem and is now seen at the Ribandar Church. His gross misconduct in taking these minor girls on that totally reckless expedition needs to be taken very serious note of.

Our Ribandar Church over the years has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. And that saga seems unending…Its time His Grace the Archbishop of Goa Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao cracks the whip and seeks an immediate explanation.



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