Over the last many years Vijai Sardesai had time and again aggressively accused Manohar Parrikar of being involved in numerous scams while further accusing him of being a Master and Maestro in U turns. Manohar Parrikar on the other hand besides forcefully leveling other serious charges had also accused Vijai Sardesai of being the Principal conspirator in the infamous multi crore Louis Berger scam and had even alleged that all the kickbacks were collected at Vijai Sardesai’s Fatorda bungalow. Vijai Sardesai and Manohar Parrikar had also publicly accused each other of being a ‘dalal’

But to everyone’s utter surprise on March 11th this year, Manohar Parrikar and Vijai Sardesai unexpectedly embraced each other.

Vijai Sardesai has now publicly certified that Manohar Parrikar was a now a very changed man. It would be interesting to know whether Manohar Parrikar also feels that Vijai Sardesai is too a changed and reformed person. Over to you, Mr.Manohar Parrikar

vijaivijai final

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