Just before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar very recklessly and without application of mind whatsoever decided to hurriedly tender the concretization of the Miramar-Dona Paula Road for a whopping 72 crores. It was obviously done to bolster the much needed party funds for those elections and to also possibly enable some leaders pocket some crores.

In a sheer criminal waste of public funds, a newly hot mixed very good road was excavated and we were promised a state of the Art concrete one with a cycling track and a side walk. The work which started in Feb 2014 was supposed to be completed within 18 months. With various extended deadlines the road still remains incomplete and the shoddy works with cracks all over is there for even the blind to see.  The work which been so poorly and shabbily executed with that cycling track nowhere in sight will never pass any quality control test.

This is just another example of how this government has mastered the art of pouring tax payers money down the drain.  Less said the better on the nightmare and horror the residents and businesses along that Miramar-Dona Paula road to hell have had to endure over the last few years. To the fortune of the authorities Goans are docile and put up with any nonsense. Anywhere else in the country these officials and politicians would have been hung upside down from the nearest lamp post.


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