The very high-handed and cavalier manner in which the current BJP government is heartlessly and mercilessly destroying Goa is a matter of grave concern. It should act as an eye opener to us all. With Goa’s once pristine coastal belt now corrupted and ruined beyond recognition, the hinterland is currently also under siege. From the coastal belt, the drug and flesh trade has now been infused to a new destination, the once serene Divar Island. That little piece of remaining paradise is now lost forever.

Under the guise of promoting Eco- tourism on the Divar Island, in the Goltim Navelim area of Piedade, Subhakar Rao the Chairman of Champions Group has rampantly and high-handedly destroyed hundreds of mangroves. The bunds having been illegally reconstructed and widened causing environmental disturbance affecting the ecology of a very sensitive and fragile area. Everything that is being done on this Khazan land is illegal, without any licenses whatsoever while Subhakar Rao only flexes his political and money power.

Subhakar Rao has with impunity been merrily violating every law while Manohar Parrikar and local MLA Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar have been directing the authorities to turn a nelson’s eye to all these illegalities. Subhakar Rao besides being very close to Manohar Parrikar has been pouring profusely into the BJP coffers and pockets of those who matter the most.

As there is no road access to his illegal hide out and spurious haven through the Divar side, Subhakar Rao has been illegally using the Captain of Ports Jetty at Panaji to ship across all his clients besides  bits and pieces for the rave parties he has been conducting there.

Regardless of  however strong political connections that Subhakar Rao has with the ruling BJP, Goans need to rise and wage a relentless battle to save what remains of Goa from vultures like Subhakar Rao.

Let us not allow this monster Subhakar Rao from doing further damage to Goa.  A once peaceful and serene Goa has today sadly become a gambling, prostitution and crime destination. We owe it to posterity to salvage this once Paradise of the East from further sinking.  But with those deceptive Watch-dogs of Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn having vanished into wilderness, sorrowing lies our Goa.


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