We need to very strongly condemn St Cruz MLA Tony Fernandes for his very outrageous and despicable statement that Babush Monserrate is his boss and that he will resign as MLA if told so by his boss. The use of the very word BOSS possibly indicates the GOON-DON relationship between the two.

In a democracy every politician should only be guided by the conscience and the will of the people of his constituency. And as far as Tony Fernandes is concerned his voters over the last week have clearly warned him not to resign.

In a sheer act of political chicanery and mockery of the highest order, Tony Fernandes is contemplating quitting to make room for the power starved Babush Monseratte to contest from St Cruz Constituency. Having been elected for five years Tony Fernandes cannot now be acting as a pimp of Babush Monseratte who he claims is his boss.

The God fearing soul that he claims to be,  Tony Fernandes should have made known this game plan during the election campaign and cannot be now high-handedly be betraying his voters. And it is not Babush Monseratte or the Congress, but it is the people of St Cruz constituency who have elected Tony Fernandes and only to them does he remains accountable.


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