Manohar Parrikar and the BJP have sermonized a lot on Zero Tolerance to Corruption.  But now Manohar Parrikar is all set to induct into the cabinet the awfully tainted Altar boy turned Pujari Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho who is the prime accused in the infamous multi crore Power scam case now pending in the Supreme Court.

Manohar Parrikar and Mauvin Godinho had accused each other of cheating and corruption. While Manohar Parrikar had filed a complaint against Mauvin Godinho alleging a multi crore power scam while he was Power Minister, Mauvin Godinho had accused Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister of gross and rampant corruption during IFFI 2004.

Now for sheer political expediency, the two have embraced and are so intimately in love, singing and showering praises galore on each other. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Even those in the world’s oldest profession do it better.


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