The BJP in 2012 rode to power in Goa on a promise of Good Governance, Transparency in administration and Zero Tolerance to Corruption. But despite a very clear mandate this government which had promised a Parivartan has goofed up by its U turns on almost every pledge it had made. Over the last five years it has been unabated Corruption with the government violating and circumventing every possible law. The abuse of power by the Government has been like never before.

Despite being advised by the law department to hold a session of the Legislative Assembly  in November and later being advised in January to dissolve the Assembly, this Government to somehow hang on to Power,   towards its fag end  attempted to even highhandedly breach even the basic provisions of the Constitution by trying to avoid holding that required  Assembly session. But after judicial intervention, as was expected it has held that five minute sham session which was nothing but a murder and mockery of democracy.

Having personally witnessed the working of successive governments over the last four and a half decades, I can safely and confidently state that the current government has been the worst Goa has had since liberation.

The people of Goa have over the last five years now witnessed all the acts of omission and commission by this BJP Government. In a democracy the people are supreme.  As to how this government has been judged and evaluated by the people we shall know the verdict only on the 11th of March when the votes are counted. Will Goa delver 40 worthy MLAs?


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