The Government as a matter of rule should ensure that there is a total ban on any extensions in service and contract appointments to the retired. Every extension in service or contract appointment given beyond the retirement age is a cruel and grave injustice to the Youth. It is also a severe prejudice to those unemployed aspiring to join the government service and to the young officers awaiting promotion.

No one is indispensable and steps should be taken well in advance to replace those retiring. There are however some officers who just will not retire as they cannot live without feasting on government perks and freebies.  All good things need to come to an end. And there is something known as “retired life” which many government officers unfortunately cannot come to terms with.

We need to invest in our youth and give them a chance. The power, diversity, and potential of our youth could energize the bureaucracy into a vibrant engine to tow Goa out of the woods.

The great American writer Robert Heinlein had said “Age is not an accomplishment, and youth is not a sin”.



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