As was expected the Government has rewarded R.K.Srivastava with a post retirement plumb posting as State Election Commissioner so that Goa can be his retirement haven and resting place for the next six years. R.K Srivastava who was due to retire on June 30th was given two extensions as the BJP chose to continue with the very incompetent and  pliable Yes-man Chief Secretary to enable it bulldoze through without any hindrance all the  illegal moves it had up the sleeve.

The bureaucrats should be independent and impartial but sadly in Goa they have totally surrendered to the political rot. The Chief Secretary who heads the bureaucracy should have led by example and kept the administration free from political interference, but the lackluster R.K.Srivastava shamelessly bent, bowed and crawled all over, while blindly signing on the dotted line at the dictates of the political bosses.

Government cannot be using bureaucrats as pawns in their political games. We need to stem this interdependent chronic relationship that exists between Ministers and Civil servants. For Good Governance and Rule of law to prevail, the political neutrality and impartiality of the civil servants is extremely vital.  With bureaucrats acting as colluding caged parrots, the government has been able to carry on with the further destruction and degradation of Goa. Once the Pearl of the Orient, it has now been reduced to a Corruption embedded gambling, prostitution, narcotics and crime hub. Slimy Officers like R.K. Srivastava cannot be allowed scot free, they must be held accountable, prosecuted and punished for being responsible for Goa’s further decay.


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