Instead of introspecting over its gross acts of omission and commission over the last four years and nine months, the BJP government in Goa which is at the very fag end of its misrule has over the last few weeks gone all out issuing every possible tender and recruiting by the droves more staff to a very over bloated bureaucracy.

Without completing the mountain of pending projects, the BJP is in overdrive laying more foundation stones so that it can make as much money possible before the people of Goa drive this most corrupt government away.

Instead of sprucing up other neglected gardens in Panaji city including the now shabby Church Square, this government is squandering money on the so called beautification of Azad Maidan which was renovated not long ago and in good shape.

Less said the better on the infamous Miramar – Dona Paula road which has missed so many deadlines and the work which is currently going on continues to be very shoddy and extremely substandard.

The Goa State Infrastructure Corporation has become a thick den of corruption and source for funding the activities of the BJP and its leaders. The faster this BJP government is laid to rest the better it will be for Goa.


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