The BJP has shown scant respect to its alliance partners. Amongst other states we have seen how it has ill treated the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and virtually over the last four and a half years humiliated the MGP in Goa. At the State level better pro active governance can be achieved by local parties without being burdened by the High Command politricks.

With Goa going to the polls soon, let us hope the MGP will open its eyes to the stark reality that the BJP while setting foot in Goa with its own selfish agenda has over the years only gobbled and mauled into the MGP’s traditional vote bank.

It is now time for the Lion to get roaring and restoring its past glory by moving Forward and teaming up with other local parties to save Goa from further devastation and ruin.

This would be the MGP led by Deepak and Sudin Dhavlikar’s true tribute to the former Chief Minister late Shashikala Tai Kakodkar who must have been deeply anguished in the sunset of her life seeing how our Goa misruled and destroyed by the current BJP bandits.


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