Over the years crores have been spent on the stray dog menace but the situation is just getting shoddier. The stray dog menace across Goa is now beyond control. The so called sterilisation programme is just not working. Sterilization alone can never be the only solution to this grave and alarming crisis of stray dogs.

We have the stray dog population multiplying in every nook and corner of Goa. Every road in our cities and every corner of the villages are infested, with the stray dogs even messing up Goa’s beaches. The situation is very alarming and disturbing. Animal welfare organizations have been making tall claims about their successes in controlling the stray dog population. However, the general public remains unimpressed as the stray dog population grows relentlessly.

The anguish and distress faced by a victim of a dog bite is only to be experienced or seen. A dog bite can be fatal. One would prefer a natural death than undergoing the trauma of being bitten by a dog with rabies. The victim becomes and behaves like a dog with a strong impulse to bite anyone coming in his way. Even the loved ones dread of going close to or approaching such a victim. There being no cure at that stage the patient has to be confined till he breathes his last.

The agony of those luckily not bitten by a rabies affected dog is no less having to undergo a treatment of 6 injections which was earlier 14. Rabies is not the only disease that is gifted by dogs to man. In fact there are other serious diseases which can be spread by the dogs and particularly the stray ones.

Pet animals are an asset to the society. It is also true that animals are required to be protected from unnecessary pain and suffering. It is also a fact that love and compassion for animals is growing. However, when it comes to choosing between the suffering of human beings due to a dog bite, obviously the weightage will have to be given to the suffering of humans. There is a need and necessity to consider the seriousness of the stray dog menace in a very dispassionate manner not being influenced by any emotional issues.

But for Goa’s Aam Aadmi the choices are limited. They are at the mercy of the stray dogs and also the rabid corrupt politicians who keep mauling and crippling the State Exchequer. Unlike dogs the mating season for politicians is now throughout the year!

Ironically despite the battalions of stray dogs patrolling every street the number of thefts and burglaries in Goa are surprisingly on the rise with the thieves having a field day. Maybe canines are too busy feasting on strewn garbage everywhere with no time to be Watch dogs.

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