A senior police officer has today cautioned me that a well-planned attack on my life could happen anytime. I have been advised to take extra precautions in my movements. This I shall not do! I have always led the life of a common man. I have been attacked many a time. But my time was never up! As the sufi mystic Kabir said “Jako rakhe Sai, maar sake na koi” (None can harm him who is looked after by higher Powers).

If instead of fighting me legally in the Courts, they wish to settle scores through swords and guns, there is nothing I can say.

I shall, as always, remain unperturbed. I would rather die with a hope, rather than have hope die inside of me. Let destiny takes its course. My only wish is that my fellow Goans, especially the younger generation, will continue the battle against injustice and corruption. Each of us has to go someday, but our Goa must live forever.

If I do have to depart, it shall be with a proud sense of accomplishment of at least having attempted to do everything possible within my means for Goa. I shall remain heavily indebted to all my teachers in school and college who imparted me the knowledge and guidance that has helped me immensely in all my, often lonely, crusades.

In death one may be physically gone, but the spirit is always around. I shall await in heaven or hell – wherever I am dispatched – to witness that glorious day when Goa will be truly liberated from injustice, corruption and nepotism, all sadly a way of life today.

In the words of Corazon Aquino, widow of assassinated President of the Philippines, who went on to be President herself, “I would rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life”.


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