Today on his 16th death anniversary fond memories of Selwyn Pereira, a jewel, our Ribandar lost so early, at a very tender age of just 29 in a most tragic accident at Kanpur.

Selwyn Pereira had started his own band when he was just 10 years old and named it “Civilians”. He later played for one of Goa’s top bands the “Big City Band” and moved on to join as a keyboardist playing for Remo Fernandes’s “The Microwave Papadams”.

Remembering the always ever so cheerful, warm hearted and very jovial Selwyn Pereira who was always ready to help one and all. Extremely civil in his conduct, the very down to earth with no ego, Selwyn was always ever so humble. Besides being a very budding musician, he was an outstanding human being always caring and who never stopped smiling.



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