In 2012 the BJP had promised the moon by way of a Golden Goa and Acche din. But after deceitfully usurping Power it has been a never ending string of U Turns and a misery of reneged promises. Rampant corruption and bad Governance to the hilt with Manohar Parrikar having proved himself as the most corrupt Chief Minister in Goa’s history.

The BJP did not honour that faith and trust the people of Goa reposed in the party. The acts of omission and commission of the government over the last four years says it all. We were hoping the ‘Parivartan’ that was assured would have been for the better. But every Goan has belatedly realized that we landed from the frying pan into the fire.

So now, BJP hatao – Goa Bachao may be the only way forward to rescue a sinking Goa from the current administrative anarchy and to restore democratic values while safeguarding for posterity what remains of our once beautiful and tranquil State.

At least for the sake of Goa, those political leaders who are truly concerned for the State should bury their egos and unite against the fascist, despotic and the very dishonest BJP.  We must also be very vigilant and thwart the crafty devious moves by the now cash rich BJP to fund fringe parties and others to field decoy candidates in order to split the anti-BJP votes.

The ensuing 2017 Assembly elections will be the very last opportunity to salvage the now sinking Goa from being laid to Eternal rest. The battle must be by a very United Goa versus the BJP.


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