The Mhadei water dispute is far from over and it could drag on for decades.  This battle which infact involves the three neighbouring states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa must in public interest be resolved amicably. The three neighbours should see reason to seek the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach to an amicable and peaceful settlement.

The cash strapped Goa has already spent crores by way of legal fees paid to Atmaram Nadkarni and his bandwagon of advocates which includes his own family members. Atmaram Nadkarni is on record claiming that he is appearing in the matter because of his love for Goa. If that be so the flamboyant former Advocate General of Goa should have volunteered his services gratis instead of over exorbitantly billing the State. Atmaram Nadkarni can continue merrily bleeding his other clients including the now fugitive Vijay Mallya but Goa must be spared of his brunt.

This water dispute needs to be brought to an agreeable close because it’s dragging on is something Goa desperately cannot afford. The government may then have the audacity to justify that it has to bring in more Casinos to sustain the mounting Mhadei legal fees.

It was professionally very improper on the part of Atmaram Nadkarni to mislead Goans by wrongly stating that Karnataka had yesterday come to the Madhei Water Disputes Water Tribunal in full force along with a musical band to celebrate. This is factually incorrect and a blatant lie by Atmaram Nadkarni who at least now as Additional Solicitor General of India should stop acting so deviously.

In public interest let not more crores be poured down the drain on this water dispute between neighbours. It is a criminal and unjustifiable waste of public funds which only works to the benefit of the Advocates making hay while milking and drying the State coffers. And Goa’s coffers are already in dire straits.


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