The Education department has issued a reminder to Rosary High School Miramar directing it to file its detailed comments on the complaint that the school was collection illegal donation and making students sell lotteries. Former Panaji Mayor Tony Rodrigues is the Chairman of the Rosary High School Managing Committee.

Deputy Director of Education Shailesh Zingde in his reminder to the school has sought the reply within three days to take further action.

Acting on a complaint the Department of Education on 22nd June had issued a notice to the Rosary High School Miramar over the collection of alleged illegal donations from parents. The school had been directed to submit a detailed explanation within seven days.

The Rosary High School has been collecting illegal donations and forcibly asking students and parents to sell lotteries issued by the school. As the rules strictly prohibit collection of any donations, all the donations illegally collected must be refunded back to the parents and an F.I.R of cheating must be registered against the School management.

As such unauthorized and unaccounted donations are being collected in other schools too, the Government must ensure that no educational institution illegally extorts unlawful donations from parents and a receipt should be mandatorily issued for every paisa collected.

The law should also require that those managing schools should possess at least some basic educational qualifications. Very anguishing is the sordid state of affairs at Rosary High School at Miramar where the Chairman Tony Rodrigues does not know to even read or write.

Educational institutions are sacred Temples of learning imparting knowledge and grooming students to be future pillars of our nation. These centers of learning cannot be reduced as dens for business.TonyRosary School

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