Highly deplorable and very high-handed is the reinstatement in service of Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar’s brother-in-law Ghanashyam Malvankar,  an officer at the Goa Industrial Development Corporation who was arrested while caught red-handed accepting a bribe of Rs 50,000.

This only proves that this government’s so called mantra of Zero Tolerance to Corruption is just another hoax. The double talk by the Chief Minister stands exposed as he has not allowed the law to take its own course. Infact after his brother-in-law was arrested Laxmikant Parsekar should have immediately given up the Home portfolio to allow the police a free hand in the investigation of the case.

Any act of corruption is a very serious crime against the State but sadly those politically well connected get away scot free in any and every corrupt deed. We have seen how the Goa Police have gone out of the way to shield Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar in the Serula Communidade land grab case and the  now Forest Minister Rajendra Arlekar in the disproportionate assets case against him while he was Speaker. The same police however displayed a very high level of enthusiasm in very eagerly probing the Tarun Tejpal and the Louis Berger case.

The BJP in 2012 deviously usurped power by falsely promising Good Governance and Zero Tolerance to Corruption. But the rampant Corruption is there all over for all to see. It has been 100% Tolerance to all acts of Corruption as long as you belong or are connected to the BJP.

Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar’s now insane and thoughtless defence that his brother-in-law Ghanashyam Malvankar is not his blood relation is ludicrous, it coming from someone who is a Post Graduate. May be we need to reassess Laxmikant Parsekar’s intelligence quotient.


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