The Goa Police have some very competent and efficient officers. But it’s those few rotten apples that bring utter disrepute to a force that by law is required to be very disciplined while also strictly upholding the law at all times.

Having vowed by Zero Tolerance to Corruption, it is for the Goa Government to take a call on whether a rotten police officer like Dattaguru Sawant can continue in the force and more so in a vital position at the pivotal Crime Branch.

If this rogue officer could torture those two poor porters Mohammed Samsher Alam Sayyed and Mohammed Abass Sayyed at the Margao Railway Station just because he could not extort a helmet, it is left to the people of Goa to speculate as to what this officer must not have done in the infamous Louis Berger case and more recently in the rape case involving Santa Cruz MLA Babush Monseratte.

The poor porters have now been acquitted by the Court but they have had to face the ordeal of a two year legal battle just because Dattaguru Sawant was not doled away a helmet which he had demanded.  Due to their arrest in that fabricated case slapped against them by Dattaguru Sawant,   the porters were terminated from working at the Margao Railway Station thus denying them their only source of income.

The two porters and their poor families have had to face the unwarranted brunt of Dattaguru Sawant’s ire but they have to be commended for having stood their ground and fought their way through the legal channels to get justice. They now await to see what action the State Police Complaints Authority recommends against the errant Police Inspector Dattaguru Sawant.

Let us keep these two law abiding porters and their families in our thoughts and prayers. The distress faced by them is a dark chapter in the history of the Goa Police which would require some introspection and stern action by the Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander.  Such a despicable act of Jungle Raj must never ever be allowed to repeat, at least in Goa.

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