A complaint has today been filed against Goa’s Lokayukta Prafulla Kumar Misra for illegally and blatantly using a red beacon on his official vehicle GA-07-G-9090 in clear defiance of law and amounting to a gross contempt of the Supreme Court’s order.

In the complaint jointly addressed to the Chief Secretary, Director General of Police and the Director of Transport it has been pointed out that the Supreme Court has flagged the red card over the blatant misuse of the red beacon.

In accordance with the Supreme Court order the Goa Government by a notification issued on 3rd July 2014 notified the list of persons entitled to use the red beacon on their official vehicle and as per that notification only allowed to use the red beacon are the Governor, Chief Minister and Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Justice and Judges of the High Court, Leader of Opposition, Advocate General and the Chief Secretary.

Lokayukta P.K.Misra in clear defiance of law and in gross contempt of the Supreme Court’s order is illegally using the red beacon and the law enforcement officers though fully aware of this blatant violation have failed to take action.

The rule of law must prevail at all times and Lokayukta P.K.Misra cannot be high-handedly using a perk and privilege that he is not entitled to. Immediate action needs to be taken to seize the red beacon and prosecute P.K.Misra for an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act. Failure to take action amounts to contempt of the Supreme LOKAYUKTACourt order.



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