The people of Panaji have high hopes that the newly elected Corporators will deliver. All the 30 Corporators should work as a team geared solely to the long overdue real progress and development of the much neglected Goa’s capital City. It is incumbent that the Corporation of City of Panaji immediately gets a full time Commissioner to put the city in order.

Ironically Panaji has been decaying despite Manohar Parrikar having been its MLA for over two decades and even the Chief Minister twice. The current MLA Siddharth Kunkolienkar has been a non-performer who only jabbers and keeps himself busy cutting ribbons at all and sundry. Nothing much was ever expected from him as being Manohar Parrikar’s side-kick he was handpicked as his successor.

Panaji needs to be freed from garbage and bestowed with regular water supply, uninterrupted power and good roads. The putrefying Campal creek needs to be urgently attended to, so is the rotting Rua de Ourem creek. Let us hope the new Corporators will put their hands together for the sake of Panaji and bring the city on track. Let them always bear in mind that they have been elected as custodians for the upkeep of the city and not to cleanse the already depleted CCP coffers.  We shall soon know if the new brooms sweep clean.  Panaji is already a Smart City, it only needs to get its act together.



  1. Keep up the good work of exposing the corrupt people who are actually detoriating the image of Goa and it’s peace loving people. I totally and absolutely stand by you to save our beautiful and pristine Goa.

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