The 17 year old accident victim Helen D’Souza who was recklessly knocked down by the speeding car driven by Remo Fernandes’s son Jonah is so overwhelmed by the number of so kind people visiting her at the Goa Medical College and helping her and the family in one way or the other in their days of distress.

Helen D’Souza who is in Ward No 105 at the Goa Medical College in Bambolim has undergone another surgery and is hoping that all will be well as she braces the nightmare of being bedridden for around six months.

Let us thank Rev. Fr Savio Barreto, the very proactive Director of Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa who has been a pillar of strength and hope to this poverty stricken victim and her family. Fr Barreto is arranging to open a bank account in the name of Helen D’Souza so that people around the world desiring to help can directly pitch in. Shall share her bank account details as soon as I receive it from Fr. Savio Barreto.

I have nothing personal against Remo Fernandes but his insensitive and outrageous misconduct on 1st December at the scene of that accident and thereafter needs to be strongly condemned by any sensible person. There can be no room for any Celebrity arrogance. Am looking forward to that defamation case Remo Fernandes has threatened to file against me. Will take the Rock star bull by the horn. It should set an example to anyone else who dares behave like Remo Fernandes did. Nobody can be above the law.

By the way, I do not need a character certificate from the likes of Remo Fernandes. The families of his very own four musicians who were killed in a road accident at Kanpur on 18th September 2000 are witness to the real and sordid side of Remo Fernandes. If he had the audacity to fail and abdicate his responsibility towards his own team of musicians nothing more could be expected from Remo Fernandes who ironically in 2014 embracing that broom was eyeing the Aam Aadmi Party ticket to be Goa’s Member of Parliament from South Goa. God saved Goa from a looming disaster.

Let us continue to keep this grievously injured accident victim Helen D’Souza in our thoughts and prayers while we continue to help her in whichever way we can. Let us be there for her as she has been abandoned and more so abused by the renowned pop singer Luis Remo de Maria Bernardo Fernandes alias Remo Fernandes who has lost all moral authority to continue holding the title of Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award conferred on him by the President of India in 2007.

Remo Fernandes

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