Noted pop singer Remo Fernandes in his songs may be passionately preaching about care and compassion but has time and again miserably failed to Walk all his loud Talk.

On 1st December while he was travelling to Panaji with his son Jonah driving very rashly they hit and grievously injured 17 year old Helen D’Souza at Guirim on the Mapusa–Panaji Road. Helen D’Souza who had walked all the way from her village in Malvan was on her pilgrimage to Old Goa to attend the novena of St Francis Xavier. The Mapusa Police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving against Jonah Fernandes.

Accidents do happen. But at that accident site, Remo Fernandes was of no assistance to the victim who his son had knocked down in his very presence. Infact Remo Fernandes very high-handedly verbally abused the grieving victim. Sheer celebrity arrogance. What is further highly reprehensible is that Remo Fernandes has not for the last 17 days even cared to visit the victim who is still recuperating at the Goa Medical College. This however comes as no surprise as Remo Ferandes did not show scant concern for his own four musicians who were killed in that ghastly accident at Kanpur on 18th September 2000. One of the musicians killed was Selwyn Pereira of Ribandar, a budding young musician who was a pride for us all.

The 17 year old Helen D’Souza now knocked down by Remo’s son hails from an extremely poverty stricken family who lost her father when she was very young. Due to financial constraints she could not even carry on with her schooling. Doctors today at the Goa Medical College inform that she would be bedridden for at least three long months.

Would appeal to you all to please take the time and try and visit Helen D’Souza at the Goa Medical College in Bambolim and help her in whichever way you can. She is lying on bed No 29 in Ward No 105. Even if you are unable to help her financially, your very presence by her bedside may bring tears of joy while she suffers due to the act of rash and negligent driving by the son of India’s famed singer Remo Fernandes.

If Remo Fernandes has dared fail in his duty to the victim, let us rise to the occasion.



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