The early release from Sada Jail of former Minister and Nuvem MLA Mickky Pacheco would in public interest be challenged before the Bombay High Court at Goa

Documents now obtained from the jail authorities under the Right to Information Act have revealed that the Inspector General of Prisons Elvis Gomes had manipulated the early release of Mickky Pacheco last month by illegally allowing him a total of 46 days of remission contrary to the jail rules.

In terms of Rule 289 of the Goa Prison Rules 2006 good behavior and discipline are pre-requisites for grant of any remission days against the jail sentence. The jail records itself show that Mickky Pacheco was documented for acts of indiscipline in refusing to wear the jail uniform with even his other privileges officially curtailed.

Even the Special Remission of 20 days granted under Rule 296 of the Prisons rules was totally illegal. As per the jail records Mickky Pacheco who started his jail sentence on 1st June started working in the bakery at the jail only on 1st of August and in just two weeks on 15th August his special remission of 20 days was recommended ‘in view of his consistent hard work in the bakery section of the jail’.

As per the documents Sister Mary Jane, the Co-coordinator of Prison Ministry while recommending remission had in her letter stated that Mickky Pacheco had shown sign of reformation and that he should be felicitated for his good behavior by giving him remission as a reward for his good discipline in the prison.

The documents obtained under RTI also reveal that Inspector General of Prisons Elvis Gomes did not take any action on the complaint forwarded to him on 19th September 2015 by the Principal District & Sessions Judge South Goa Nutan Sardessai regarding Mickky Pacheco in jail using his mobile phone No 9850479762. Elvis Gomes intentionally did not seek the call details of that phone from the mobile company as it would have revealed that Mickky Pacheco was using that phone at Sada Jail in gross violation of the Jail rules.

Mickky Pacheco’s early release needs to be challenged to expose the mockery made of the law and to also demand stringent action against Inspector General of Prisons Elvis Gomes for having craftily manipulated the Nuvem MLA’s early release.

Mickky Pacheco after absconding for two months earlier this year surrendered on June 1st to undergo a six month jail sentence for having as then Animal Husbandry Minister on July 15th 2006 slapped Electricity department Junior Engineer Kapil Natekar. The six month sentence was to end on 1st December however he was released last month on 10th October after Inspector General of Prisons Elvis Gomes allowed him a total of 46 days of remission.



  1. why did elvis the pelvis not take charge of colvale jail.He seems an imposter ,a psychopath who is photogenic but inside a BJP stooge

    • miccky is an elected mla so dont call him a rat ((maybe an” elected representative of rats”).Plenty of rats who need to loose weight

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