We need to strongly deplore the Goa Government’s very high-handed act of issuing an ordinance to extend the term of office of the Goa University Vice-Chancellor Dr Satish Ramnath Shetye.
The power to promulgate an Ordinance is essentially a power to be used to meet a very extraordinary situation and cannot be allowed to be perverted to serve political ends. The Goa government has gone overboard to ensure that their protégé got an extension at all costs by this midnight exercise.

Dr Satish Shetye should have gracefully complied with Goa Governor Mridula Sinha’s marching orders and demitted office but he has brought utter dishonor to the very high post of Vice-Chancellor by stooping to awfully low levels in flexing his political muscles to just hang on to office.

There is a sense of public outrage at the manner in which the Goa University has been totally mismanaged over the last three years under Dr Satish Shetye as Vice-Chancellor in collusion and connivance with the Registrar V.P.Kamat. All the Academic, Administrative and Financial illegalities and irregularities at the Goa University under the stewardship of the now disgraced Dr Satish Shetye need to come to light.

Infact in September 2012 itself when Dr Satish Shetye was appointed as Vice-Chancellor by then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar he lacked academic excellence, exposure to the higher education system in the country and abroad, and adequate experience in academic and administrative governance besides above all having no teaching experience whatsoever.

The Search committee to short list names of suitable persons that could be the next Vice- Chancellor was intentionally paralyzed at the behest of Dr Satish Shetye himself to facilitate his pre-planned and well orchestrated attempt for this extension.

The various crucial Committees of the Goa University including the Executive Council need to be immediately reconstituted to infuse young blood and the much needed vision to rescue the Goa University from its current state of utter chaos and mismanagement.

Satish Shetye

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